Jigoshop pre-sale questions

Q: We need a few details about Jigoshop, we are interested to change our e-commerce system to new and we need to know a few important points for us (if your system has these features and possibilities):

  1. Integrated shopping cart in WordPress: YES
    Just install Jigoshop on any WP site. You will need to wrap the theme if its not designed for Jigoshop (though you will need to wrap it if you’re converting to pretty much any WP e-commerce cart). You will likely need some PHP experience to do it. You can view our KB article on it here. You can also hire someone to do it pretty cheap (under $40).

  2. Sell digital items: YES
    We’ve got a KB article on this topic.

  3. Flexible coupons for all or individual products: YES
    Our coupon KB article will be updated. Coupon menu now allows for all types of coupons. We suggest trying out our demo. Coupons are under Jigoshop->Coupons.

  4. Flexible coupons depends how many items buy customer: YES
    Yes with this extension.

  5. Affiliates system: YES
    We have four unique extensions.

  6. Auto invoicing (sent invoice or download invoices by clients): YES
    Auto-send receipts on purchase to both the store owner and the purchaser. We offer a number of extensions to add to the experience including maillist plugins like Mailchimp. Find them with the rest of our extensions here.

  7. Downloaded purchased items any time (maybe profile): YES
    Via the “my account” Jigoshop.com page.

  8. Payment provider (payment with PayPal and credit cards): YES
    PayPal and Skrill included in core. Over 80 other gateways here.

  9. Attached old buyer to purchased item (this will be useful for clients to change from old to new e-commerce system): YES
    Orders -> Add New menu in Jigoshop. Demo it on [try.jigoshop.com].

  10. Security for Downloadable goods“: YES
    Files URLs are never revealed. We used a security URL and never reveal the true URL.