Breadcrumb removing

Q: How can I remove my breadcrumb?

A: Place the following code in your theme’s functions.php file

 <code>remove_action( 'jigoshop_before_main_content', 'jigoshop_breadcrumb', 20, 0);</code>

Check to make sure your functions.php file is working properly and your not missing any closing brackets, etc.


The Suffusion commerce pack is calling the action in, even when it is removed in themes functions php. You must remove the action from that plugin and the breadcrumb will be removed.

Breadcrumb positioning

Q: How can I move my breadcrumb to the left above the sidebar area?

A: First, you must remove the breadcrumb by locating the jigoshop_template_functions.php file and find:


* Jigoshop Breadcrumb


To change where this is printed in the html, directly under that comment you must first remove the action using remove_action then apply it again using add_action:

remove_action( 'jigoshop_before_main_content', 'jigoshop_breadcrumb', 20, 0);

The breadcrumb is added by using hook add_action:

 add_action( 'jigoshop_before_main_content', 'jigoshop_breadcrumb', 20, 0);

Breadcrumb missing store base page

Q: We have a store where the home page is not the base page for the store. When viewing a category or product, the store base page never shows up in the breadrumb.

We get:
Home > Category > Product

I expect
Home > Store > Category > Product

A: We recommend this WP plugin:

Breadcrumb NavXT