Canada Post Shipping extension questions

Extension Requirements needed for extension proper work

Minimum Jigoshop version requirement: extension LINK

System Requirements: Canada must be set as base country and Canadian Dollars used as currency

I can’t do the calculation of shipping!

Check out a few common problems that users experience:

  1. you have to make sure the boxes are configured on your profile with Canada post

  2. you have to configure your products that you’re selling in Jigoshop with weights and dimensions (specifically metric)

  3. your base country must be Canada

  4. your host company must allow outgoing traffic on TCP port 30000.

How to use Canada Post Sell Online?

To use Canada Post Sell Online a CPC account is needed. To obtain one, send an email to [email protected] requesting a CPC ID. Include the following information in the email:

Company Name
10 digit Venture One ID number
Contact name
Phone number

Wait for Email Reply. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a CPC ID to access Sell Online.

For USPS the specific api’s to request access to are the Rate Calculators API.

Canada Post Extension + Free shipping

Q: Can the Canada Post extension be used in conjunction with another shipping method, such as free shipping? That way any order under $300 will be calculated by Canada Post but over $300 will be free shipping?

A: Yes, it certainly should as Jigoshop always looks for the cheapest shipping method first and once free shipping conditions of 0.00 are met, that should be the one presented.