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Adding buttons / info to the end of each product

Q: I have two buttons at the end of the product description on my store, each one links to either a page or a pdf. I want to add this to the bottom of every product on the store without having to go through all the products.
Is there a way to do this somewhere so I don’t have to waste so much time editing all the product descriptions?

A: Add below code to wp-content/themes/yourTheme/functions.php:

   remove_action( 'jigoshop_product_tab_panels', 'jigoshop_product_description_panel', 10 );
   add_action( 'jigoshop_product_tab_panels', 'jigoshop_product_description_panel_custom', 10 );
   function jigoshop_product_description_panel_custom() {
           echo '<div class="panel" id="tab-description">';
           echo '<h2>' . apply_filters('jigoshop_product_description_heading', __('Product Description', 'jigoshop')) . '</h2>';
           <button>Button 1</button><button>Button 2</button>
           echo '</div>';
  • In order to remove a very light grey line touching the top of the buttons (if such case happens), add below code to your theme’s style.css:

    div.product #tabs .panel { border-bottom: 0; }