Jigoshop update issues

Q: I want to upgrade Jigoshop from the 1 year old version to the latest version. What is the safest way to do it to avoid (or reduce) possible post-update issues?

A: Our advice would be to try smaller migrations, as an realistic option in order to avoid possible post-update issues.

If you upgrade directly from an extremely old version (e.g. 1 year old) to the latest Jigoshop version, you can expect a lot of issues. That is because your Jigoshop installation would have gone through numerous database upgrades, major and smaller ones. What happens is if you try to go through everything at once, bad things would happen (most likely). It could be hitting the maximum execution of the PHP server script, as done in the php.ini. More likely, it is trying to figure out what to do with such and old database and has either found data it does not know what to do with or is searching for data that isn’t there. Before attempting the Jigoshop upgrade on a production server you must always save a copy of your database and (if possible) to perform web site full backup.