Please refer to TemplateMonster Support for any issues surrounding TemplateMonster/TemplateTuning Themes – thanks, Jigoshop Team


  • Send Jigoshop emails from – The default is set to the admin address. All emails that originate from Jigoshop will have this email address as the sender.

  • Demo store – Enabling this will show a banner at the top of every page on your site like so: banner

  • Enable SKU field – A stock keeping unit for each of your products will be enabled for use after setting this to Yes. It will also show the SKU on the front-end product page. With it set to No SKU won’t show on the front-end product page and only the product ID will be used to identify the product.

  • Enable weight field – Do your products have weights? You can assign each product its own weight with this option. The weight will also display on the front-end, similar to how the SKU field displays. There are shipping methods available based on weight (premium extension).

  • Base Country/Region – Your country of operation. This is also the default region for a customer’s location. So tax rates will default to this region when a customer is checking out, for example.

  • Allowed Countries – The counties you are willing to ship to – if someone is from a disallowed country they will be unable to checkout.

  • Enable guest checkout? – If enabled, a user will be allowed to purchase a product without creating an account.

  • Force SSL on checkout? – This is recommended, especially if taking credit card payments. If enabled, a user will be directed to https:// when checking out. An SSL certificate is required to be set up on your server. Contact your host provider for more information on certificates.

  • ShareThis Publisher ID – If you set up your ShareThis publisher ID then ‘share’ links will appear on product pages, as in the screenshot below: sharethis

  • Disable Jigoshop frontend.css – With this set to yes, /plugins/jigoshop/assets/css/frontend.css will no longer be used. Useful if you’re themeing your own front-end.

  • Go directly to checkout after add to cart – Setting this to yes, as soon as your customers hit “Add to Cart” on a product, they will get redirected to the checkout page.

    • With this set to no, they would just see a message on the same page informing them that their product is added to the cart like so: successful cart message
  • Disable bundled Fancybox – Jigoshop uses Fancybox to open the product gallery and featured images. This is useful if you have a plugin that is loading fancybox already.