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Managing Orders

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Order Statuses
  3. Dashboard
  4. All orders
  5. Edit Orders


There is an overview of recent orders on the Jigoshop dashboard detailing some basic information such as the date of the order, how many items were purchased, the order total and the order status.

Jigoshop also includes a comprehensive order management suite allowing you to easily manage your customers orders. This is accessed via the “Orders” link in the Jigoshop menu.

Order Statuses

  • Pending – An order has been placed but not yet paid for. For example, through PayPal.

  • On-Hold – Manual payment methods will automatically be placed on-hold. You will manually have to process these orders. Usually from the Bank Transfer or Cheque gateway.

  • Processing – The product has been successfully paid for, just not yet shipped.

  • Completed – The customer receives a notification that their order is complete. This usually signifies shipment to be complete.

  • Cancelled – The customer (or admin) cancelled this order.

  • Refunded – The customer (or admin) refunded this order.


The dashboard can show order statistics and recent orders placed. It’s a good idea to keep track of processing or pending orders so that you can mark those completed!

  • Monthly Sales
  • Recent Product Reviews
  • Recent Orders
  • Stats: Shop Content
  • Stats: Orders


All Orders

This page displays an overview of all orders giving you vital information on each one. You can quickly and clearly see what status an order has which makes scanning this content heavy page easy.

all orders

Edit Orders

Through the Edit Order page you can change an order status as you wish.
Have you shipped it? Mark it completed so the customer is aware!

edit order