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Coupons can be created to be passed out to customers to give them specific discounts. Coupons can be fixed or percentage amounts, and can be applied to a cart, or specific products.

The following are valid coupon types:

  • Cart Discount
  • Cart % Discount
  • Product Discount
  • Product % Discount

These are the fields you may configure per coupon:

  • Code – Set the coupon code your customer must use to apply the discount
  • Type – Choose from various discount types that a coupon will apply
  • Amount – The amount this coupon is worth; either a percent or currency value
  • ID’s – The only products that this coupon will be valid for. Product ID is used for this field and it must be separated by commas, eg: 1, 2, 3
  • From & To – Effective start and end dates the coupon will be valid for
  • Alone – The coupon must be used alone and can not be used in conjunction with other coupons

Within the Jigoshop 1.4.5 update you can create coupon codes with lowercase & capital letters.