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About Jigoshop Community Forum

This Jigoshop Community Forum is NOT a support site, it’s a Forum, a place where Jigoshop users and volunteers try to help each other. As such it can take time to get a response. If you need immediate help, it is recommended that you take Jigoshop Premium Support.

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I. What is EXPECTED from the users after Community Forum registration in order to get assistance?

  1. before opening new discussions, users must go throughout Jigoshop Knowledge Base articles to check if there are solutions for their problems
  2. user must create separate discussions for each issue
  3. user must post in the discussion his web site System Info (WordPress Admin backend > Jigoshop > System Info)
  4. user must perform the initial checkings of his web site / web shop (if applicable – see steps at the end of this article) and post checkings result(s)
  5. user is advised to turn on debug testing option for particular problem (e.g. when you have checkout errors) and post his debug.log file in order that developers can check out errors
  6. It is strongly recommended that user follow Jigoshop Simple User testing procedure and post testings results
  7. official language used in this Forum is English language
  8. users must follow all Jigoshop Community Forum Rules in this article

II. What is NOT allowed for the users to do in the Community Forum?

  1. to create 2 or more discussions for the same issue
  2. to create discussions with 2 or more issues
  3. to create excessive number of questions in a short period of time
  4. insulting other Forum users and volunteers
  5. talking in a malicious way about Jigoshop functionalities

III. Possible CONSEQUENCES for users if they don’t follow Forum rules

  1. slow or no response to your questions
  2. inappropriate posts will be deleted and users warned on breaking Forum rules
  3. after 2 or more warnings on breaking Forum rules, users could be banned from the Community Forum

Initial checkings of the web site / web shop

  • updating of the WordPress, Jigoshop (and Jigoshop database – after Jigoshop update), Jigoshop extensions, XAMPP/MAMP (if installed on local PC) to the latest versions (if not done before)
  • checking of the minimum server requirements for Jigoshop
  • deactivating (and uninstalling, if needed) caching plugins, if any (e.g. W3 Total Cache or others)
  • emptying browser cache + cookies (e.g. using keyboard: CTRL + F5)
  • quitting and relaunching browser / trying other (different) browsers / trying to recreate error on another PC
  • checking the KB list of the WordPress plugins not compatible with Jigoshop
  • increasing web site/WordPress memory and PHP Post Max size
  • checking Jigoshop Extension requirements/documentation (if the issue involves Jigoshop Extension).
  • trying to think of any customizations/changes made on web site / Jigoshop that could cause issues in Jigoshop work
  • trying to delete/uninstall Jigoshop core plugin or/and Jigoshop extensions and reinstall them again

Forum Rules

  1. No System Info + URL of site
  2. Problem Not Descriptive/Problem not easily understood
  3. Duplicate post
  4. Off-topic: Non-Jigoshop related posts
  5. Non-professional response: Zero tolerance to abusive remark or actions to volunteers, moderators, Jigoshop staff, extension/theme developers or other Forum Users.
  6. Failure to Google said problem AND/OR failure to read documentation (for plugin/theme) AND/OR failure to search forum or KB for answer PRIOR to posting question.