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Create your first product

A very basic guide to creating your first product in Jigoshop!

  1. Navigate to Products > Add Product
    add product nav

  2. Type your product’s Title, Description, and choose a Product Category
    title description category

  3. Under “Product Data”, choose a Simple product type, and fill in a short Summary about the product

  4. Optionally, fill in a Weight and SKU. If you don’t see one of these fields, be sure to enable it in the Jigoshop Settings.

    general tab

  5. Select the Pricing tab and enter your price and tax options.

    pricing tab

  6. You can optionally set an Inventory and Attribute. More on those two on our Product Screen Explained article.

  7. Want to add pictures of your product? Check out our guide to do just that.

  8. All done! Hit Publish to finalize the product to your Shop.