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Variable Products

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the attributes
  3. Add attributes to products
  4. Create variations from attributes


Variable Products is a name for any products which allow a customer to select from different product options as part of their purchase. They may also be referred to as “Configurable Products”.

Jigoshop allows you to create an unlimited number of options for any product by using “Attributes” to set a range of options. These are set at a Taxonomy level, allowing you to apply each set of Attributes to as many products as you like.

Creating the attributes

The first step to having variable products is to create the product attributes.

  1. Visit Products > Attributes

    product attributes nav

  2. Type the name of your new attribute, choose Multiselect, then click Add Attribute.

    new multiselect

  3. We’ll now add our various sizes to this attribute. So click on the title of your newly created attribute.

    Note: Do not click on “Edit”, instead, click the actual name.

    add taxonomy

  4. Fill in the name and optionally a slug (slug is automatically filled out) then click Add New Size. You can leave Parent, and Description blank.

    new size small

    • Note: If you’d like your variations to show up in a specific order, use the slug field to handle that. For example, if you want to display: S M L XXL, then for slug you would have 01S 02M 03L 04XXL
  5. You should now see something similar on the right side:

    finished attribute

  6. Repeat these steps for any other attributes you’d like to create. For example, I also created a Colour attribute (used later in the tutorial).

Assigning attributes to products

  1. Visit your product’s edit page for which you’d like to add variations to, and choose the Variable product type.

    variable type

  2. Next click the Attributes tab and choose your attributes, then click Add Attribute.

    add attribute

  3. Check Is for variations and click Update or Publish. You can leave Display on product page unchecked, unless you want it to show up under a new tab on the single product page next to Description. More on that in the Product Screen Explained guide.

    check visible

  4. All set, on to the next topic!

Create variations from attributes

  1. Under the Variations tab, click Add Variation

    Note: Your product must be published to see the Variations tab

    add variation

  2. Start configuring your variations. For example, I’m going to have “Any Size” and “Dark Green” at a price of 12.99.

    To set this variation’s Product Image , click the Product Image thumbnail and upload your photo, then click Insert into Post

    first variation

    variation product image

  3. You can continue adding your variations, or if you’re done, be sure to click Update to save the variations you’ve just added.

  4. Once you’re finished, view your product to check out what you’ve just accomplished!