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Catalog & Pricing

Catalog Options

  • Products Base Page – by default this is set to shop. This appears in the url when viewing all products.

  • Prepend shop categories/tags with base page? – If set to yes, categories will show as rather than just

  • Catalog Sort OrderBy – Choose from three selections to order your products on the front-end for Shop, Category, and Tag pages

    catalog sort

  • Catalog Sort Direction – Determines whether the catalog sort orderby is ascending or descending

  • Catalog Products Per Row – Determines how many products to show per row for Shop, Category, and Tag pages

  • Catalog Products Per Page – Determines the total amount of products before showing the pagination (next page / previous page) options for Shop, Category, and Tag pages

Pricing Options

  • Currency – This controls what currency prices are listed at in the catalog, and which currency PayPal, and other gateways, will take payments in. See the list of supported PayPal currencies.

  • Currency Position – Where the currency symbol is shown next to a price.

    currency position

  • Thousand separator – This sets the thousand separator of displayed prices. Eg: ‘One thousand’ will display ‘1,000’ with a comma in this field.

  • Decimal separator – This sets the decimal separator of displayed prices. Eg: ‘One thousand and two tenths’ will display as ‘1,000.20’ with a period in this field

  • Number of decimals – This sets the number of decimal points shown in displayed prices. Eg, 1,000.20000 with ‘5’ in this field

Changing number of columns and rows that show up on the product listing pages

Jigoshop > Settings – Catalog & Pricing tab

E.g. If you want to have product in 4 columns you put “Catalog products per row” slider on 4.

number of columns and rows setting