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Grouped Products

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating grouped products
  3. Assigning children
  4. Limitations


Grouped products display several products on one page.

For example, if you are selling laptop accessories for one specific model – you can have a grouped product and sell a case, extra battery, external mouse or keyboard all from the same page.

Grouped products have no prices; only their children products do.

grouped product

Creating grouped products

  1. On your Add Product screen, simply choose the “Grouped” product type

    grouped product type

  2. You’ll immediately notice a few options have disappeared from your view. This is because grouped products can not have a price, only their children products can.

  3. Fill out the Description and Summary fields, and add an Attribute if you’d like.

  4. Now publish this product and go on to the next section to assign child products to it.

Assigning Children

  1. While editing an existing product, choose your grouped product form the “Parent Product” selectbox.

    parent product field

  2. Finished. Now when you visit your grouped product, you’ll see this child product listed with it.

    • Note that the child products will be listed in hierarchy to the parent product:



There are a few limitations with grouped products, unfortunately.

  • Variable products can’t become a child product of a Grouped product