Please refer to TemplateMonster Support for any issues surrounding TemplateMonster/TemplateTuning Themes – thanks, Jigoshop Team


Each of these settings are pages Jigoshop requires. For each setting, please make sure the shortcode referenced below exists on the page selected.

page setting

  • Cart Page[jigoshop_cart] Displays cart contents, cart totals, shipping calculator (optional)

  • Checkout Page[jigoshop_checkout]

  • Pay Page[jigoshop_pay] – Usually “Checkout” as parent page

  • Thanks Page[jigoshop_thankyou] – Usually “Checkout” as parent page

  • My Account Page[jigoshop_my_account]

  • Edit Address Page[jigoshop_edit_address] – Usually “My Account” as parent page

  • View Order Page[jigoshop_view_order] – Usually “My Account” as parent page

  • Change Password Page[jigoshop_change_password] – Usually “My Account” as parent page

  • Track Order Page[jigoshop_order_tracking]

  • Terms Page – If you set a Terms Page then the customer will be asked to accept it before allowing a purchase. Example