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tax settings

Jigoshop has a built in tax calculator which uses rates you define. The following options can be set:

  • Calculate Taxes – Whether or not to actually calculate taxes. Only set this to no if you are exclusively selling non-taxable items.

  • Catalog prices include tax? – Whether or not your product prices include or exclude tax. If prices include tax then the tax amount will be calculated backwards.

  • Cart totals display – Whether the cart totals (sub total etc) are shown with tax included or excluded.

  • Additional Tax classes – Additional tax classes other than the standard rate. For example, you may want a reduced rate for books.

You can also set up tax rates for your location or any other country:

tax rates

Enter the tax class, location, and rate (to 4 decimal places).
If the ‘apply to shipping’ box is checked then the rate will also be applied to any shipping costs.