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Topics covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating your own language translation
  3. Updating existing language translations
  4. Upload new language translations to your web site
  5. Set the language on your web site


Current available languages in Jigoshop:

  • Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR
  • Croatian hr_HR
  • English en_GB (Jigoshop default language)
  • French fr_FR
  • German de_DE
  • Hungarian hu_HU
  • Italian it_IT
  • Netherlands nl_NL
  • Norwegian nb_NO
  • Polish pl_PL
  • Portuguese pt_PT
  • Romanian ro_RO
  • Russian ru_RU
  • Spanish es_ES
  • Swedish sv_SE
  • Turkish tr_TR

This guide will show you how to use one of these translations.

Don’t see your language on the list above? Want to create your own translation? Follow the Create your own translation section of this article.

We’d also love to bundle your custom translation in with Jigoshop. So if you’re offering it to us, shoot us an email and we’ll make it happen! [email protected]

Creating your own language translation

  1. Download and install Poedit.

  2. In Poedit, go to File > New Catalog from POT , and select the jigoshop.pot file, located here:


    new catalog from pot

  3. Fill out the information on the Project Info tab and press OK

    project info

  4. A prompt will ask you to save the file, save it under a similar file structure as:


    For example, jigoshop-iw_IL.po for Hebrew. You can find a list of locales (abbreviations) here

  5. Start translating!

    Poedit screen

  6. Once you’re done translating all the strings, save the file. You should notice a new .mo file next to your .po file.

  7. Email us your translated po & mo files and we’ll host it up on Jigoshop! You’ll receive credits of course 🙂

    [email protected]


For collaboration translating among several translators we warmly recommend POEditor – an open source web application:

POEditor is a free/open-source, web-based software localization tool (without any limitations) that can be used by anyone who creates an account. It does not require any software download so you can access it from any computer, wherever there is an Internet connection and a browser.

Updating existing language translations

  1. Download and install Poedit.

  2. Open the .po file in Poedit that you’d like to update

    In this tutorial, we’ll use jigoshop-es_ES.po, the Spanish translation

  3. Go to Catalog > Update from POT File, and select the jigoshop.pot file

    You can find the jigoshop.pot file in two places

    1. Locate in pluginsjigoshoplanguagesjigoshop.pot
    2. Download online from our Github

    update from POT

  4. Now you’ll see an update summary showing you all the new and obsolete strings. Hit OK to delete the old strings and add new ones.

    update summary

  5. After this continue with Step 5 from the “Create your own translation” section above.

Upload new language translations to your web site

  1. Using an FTP program (or your hosting control panel) connect to your web site

  2. Upload new language .po and .mo files to your WordPress Jigoshop language directory:



Be careful that your new language Jigoshop .po and .mo files follow the language files name pattern like for e.g. the Spanish translation:

jigoshop-es_ES.po /

Set the language on your web site

a. Web site language setup method using wp-config.php

  1. Open wp-config.php

  2. Find define('WPLANG', '');

  3. Add your locale from the list above inside the empty quotes.

    For example, for German, replace with define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

  4. That’s all !

b. Web site language setup method using plugin Localize Wordpress

  1. Plugin installation instruction

  2. Plugin video setup instruction

c. Web site language setup method using plugin WordPress language switcher

Commercial SW translation solution

SDL Passolo

How to create Multilingual Jigoshop?

You can find instructions on original WPML link.

Steps to perform:

  1. Under WPML > Theme and plugins localization > Select “Translate by WPML”
  2. On the same page, “Scan the theme for string”
  3. After scanning, choose “Jigoshop” from “Strings in the plugins” and “Create PO file”
  4. Save the PO file created on your desktop
  5. Go to “WPML > String Translation”
  6. Choose “Import PO file”
  7. Tick “Also create translations according to the .po file”
  8. Under “Select what the strings are for”, add a new item “plugin Jigoshop”
  9. Click “Submit”
  10. This generates >1.800 strings, which can be translated by clicking on the “translations” link next to each one and adding the translation.
  11. Probably 200 or so of the most common strings need translating.