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Downloadable Products

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the product
  3. Downloading the file
  4. Known messages


Perfect for selling eBooks, MP3 files, or any other file the customer should download after purchasing your product!

Downloadable products are different from other products in that:

  • No shipping charges
  • A file you specify is available for download after purchase
  • Can allow unlimited downloads or a specific amount of downloads
  • File can be downloaded through an internal secure URL
  • Allow external and internal URLs for the download path

Creating the product

  1. Set your new product to Downloadable product type.
    As soon as you switch the product type to Downloadable, you will see a new tab called File

    product type

  2. You can either enter the URL to your download or click “Upload a file” to upload your own file

    product data options

    • File Path – Enter the URL address of your file. It can be a third party site, or your own. will have a secure link will not be secure and the download address will be exposed to the customer. The main difference being, one URL being located on your server, and the other being an external URL to a third party server.

    • Download Limit – The global amount of times you’d like each customer to be able to download their purchase.

  3. That’s it! There’s nothing more to configure on the admin side.

Downloading the file

The customer can download the purchased file from two different places.

  1. My Account page on your Jigoshop install.
  2. Download link from Order Complete email notification.

my account

Known messages

When downloading a file, you may encounter some of these messages. Here’s a brief explanation.

  1. “File not found. Go to homepage”

    • The file could not be found at the file path given on the Product Type Options, or the external url is invalid.

    file not found

  2. “Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file. Go to homepage”

    • The customer has reached the limit on downloads you’ve set per the Product Type Options.

    limit reached


If you need to raise the max upload and post size in your php.ini file from the default values and in the case that you do not have access to the php.ini, you can use the method employed here.