Free Support Resources

  • The Knowledge Base has all the documentation to install, set-up and upload your products. Hopefully, you’ll never get stuck, but if it happens, this is the place to start.
  • You should also register for the Jigoshop Forums. You’ll find invaluable help and encouragement from other Jigoshop users, be able to make suggestions for features and find freelancers for custom design and functionality.

Note: We do try to check the forums fairly often, but can’t guarantee responses. Like you, Jigoshop’s developers, designers and support team need to eat, which is why we offer paid support options to allow us to fully support your business cost-effectively and still be able to feed and clothe ourselves.

Premium Support Resources

  • Premium Support is just $39.99 per month. Or save a whopping $239.89 by signing up for a year for just $239.99 and get priority dedicated technical support for your business.