New customer accounts approved by admin

Q: I need to set up an online store which has this functionality. Prices are hidden by default. When user registers in site, admin receives email notification, with email, name and IP of the new customer. Admin manually approves the account. User logs in and can see prices and make purchases. Can Jigoshop do that? If not, is there any extension, module or similar that can do that?

A: Jigoshop can do it, but some additional tweakings are needed:

Step 1: In WordPress settings, change default new user role (located in the General Tab) to “Customer”
Step 2: In Jigoshop settings turn off “Allow guest purchases”
Step 3: To require admin approval, you will need a plugin like this free one
Step 4: To hide products from non-users, you will need Jigoshop Price by Role
Step 5A: If you want to setup right away, you will have to set the view ability of public, non logged in users to “Hidden” 1 product at a time
Step 5B: Alternatively, Jigoshop Price by Role allows you to toggle the visibility for all products for “guest” users.