Custom user role access to only Jigoshop plugin area

Q: I want to add user role with rights that he has access to only Jigoshop plugin area and not any other WordPress admin areas.

A: You will need two plugins: Advanced Access Manager and Adminimize.

  • First, create a duplicate of the Admin role using Advanced Access Manager. Name this role Jigoshop Admin or something similar.

  • Then use Adminimize to restrict Jigoshop Admin role so they can only get to the Jigoshop plugin areas in the backend.


you can combine these two WordPress plugins: Theme My Login and Admin Bar Disabler.

Additional question:

Q: Is there a way of limiting user access to only the Jigoshop ‘Orders’ page?

A: If you are using the latest Jigoshop version and orders are their own tab, you can use the Advanced Access Manager plugin as described to create a new role type and then the Adminimize plugin to limit the new roles access to only Orders tab.