Search all Jigoshop products information – question

Q: Is it possible to search all Jigoshop product information, including additional information tab? We’ve created a bookshop where we use the additional information tab to display for example the authors name, but searching for the author returns no results.

A: Use Relevanssi WP plugin:

  • under the Indexing option chose to index “custom, set below”
  • attributes are saved as taxonomies: if you have a taxonomy called “Red”, looking in the “wp_term_taxonomy” table you’ll see “pa_red” as a taxonomy
  • you simply add this “pa_red” taxonomy into the “Custom taxonomies to index:” setting along with “product_cat, product_tag”. Save options, index it.
  • regular wp-search function and Jigoshop product search widget now searches for products and their attributes.