Shortcode issue

Q: I have a shop and I am trying to put all of the products from the catalog on the home page of my site. In my homepage, I have the following shortcode:

[products per_page="20" columns="4"]

For whatever reason, the homepage is only showing 10 products, in 2 rows of 4 items and 1 row of 2 items, instead of 20 products.
I know that the products are all configured properly because when I go to the “Shop” page, I get a different result. All of the items are showing up properly. The homepage is part of a theme template and I have had to modify the PHP code to insert the shortcode.

A: Check your WordPress > Reading settings if it is limiting the number of posts per page to 10 items. If your Theme overrides Jigoshop settings with the WordPress limit, change default WordPress Reading settings to desired number of products per page – in this case 20.