Stock incorrect on variations

Q: I have a handful of goods that have variations. I only have one variation in stock, but even though I’ve set the other variations’ stock to 0, it still says “in stock” when I flip through the variations in the front end.

The overall stock setting at the product page, under “inventory” is set to:

x Handle inventory for me

Stock Quantity: 0

Allow backorders

In the Jigoshop settings there is “manage stock” checked.

A: If you have it set to ‘Allow Backorders’ it will always list as ‘In Stock’ but If you disable “Allow Backorders” users won’t be able to buy the item (if you want people to be able to order items that are not in stock, but they need to understand that delivery will be longer since there isn’t that item in stock). In this case you should set that setting to ‘Allow, but notify’.