Keep SKU, remove posts and tags from the product page

Q: I’d like to remove posts and tags from the product pages and I used this hook to remove them from the product page:

 remove_action( 'jigoshop_template_single_summary', 'jigoshop_template_single_meta', 40, 2);

However, I would like to keep the SKU visible on the product pages.

A: You can add the SKU code back in like this:

 add_action( 'jigoshop_template_single_summary', 'my_single_summary_meta', 40, 2);
 function my_single_summary_meta($post, $_product) {
     $jigoshop_options = Jigoshop_Base::get_options();
         echo '<div class="product_meta">';
         if ($jigoshop_options->get_option('jigoshop_enable_sku')=='yes' && !empty($_product->sku)) :
             echo '<div class="sku">'.__('SKU','jigoshop').': ' . $_product->sku . '</div>';
         echo '</div>';

And to get it to to get it to show up in the shopping cart you could try adding it to the title like this:

 add_filter('jigoshop_cart_product_title', 'my_cart_product_title', 10, 2);
 function my_cart_product_title( $title, $_product ) {
     return $title . ' ('. $_product->sku .')';