Translation/localization terms questions

Q: I need to find where to edit the text ‘From:’ in front of the price when using variables.
It is not translated automatically, so I need to edit it manually, but I can’t find where.
A: Take a look at get_price_html() inside jigoshop_product.class.php inside the classes directory.

Q: In the shopping chart “button” it says 0 ‘items’. Where can I change the word ‘items’?
A: That is located in jigotheme/header.php line 81.

Q: Under product categories it says ‘Select a category’. Where can I change that?
A: ‘Select a category’ is located in jigoshop/product-categories.php line 67.

Q: Where can I cange ‘Account’ next to the shopping chart?
A: Account is in jigotheme/header.php line 144.

Q: I’m having trouble translating the ‘SALE! text from English to Spanish.
A: Replace ‘Sale!’ on line 73 (sale flash) in jigoshop/jigoshop_template_functions.php into any word you like. Do this after every Jigoshop update.