Additional Shipping Method options

Q: Is it possible to setup expedite delivery with overnight or 2-day types of shipping methods in Jigoshop? Could it be done with an extension and account with UPS or FEDEX?

A: Answers are:

1) Jigoshop (right now) on its own doesn’t support overnight, 2-day shipping etc.
2) Jigoshop + required plugin(s) does support overnight, 2-day shipping etc.

The extensions UPS and FEDEX will have overnight or 2-day. It may not be called that because each service has their own names for the shipping services. Eg. Priority, Expedited and so on.
They will also deliver world-wide, so it doesn’t matter where you’re shipping to. These are rates returned from their servers… as if you’re going to UPS website and getting an estimate for shipping.

Therefore, using a plugin to connect to either a UPS or FEDEX account will give customers/clients the drop-down menu/choice to choose expedited shipping if they wish on the checkout page. If the plugin is configured to return multiple rates for all services, then the customer will be able to choose which service they wish to ship with.