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How do you make an account / Jigoshop user registration?

Q: I was testing my shop and noticed I am only prompted for my login info but their is no new account registration page. When I go into the change password page their is no button to save the info. Did I miss something when adding pages? I didn’t see any shortcode for account registration only edit account information like password and address. If I choose not to register it does not let me complete sale.

A: Jigoshop use regular users WordPress registration. The account / Jigoshop registration:

  • you have on the Jigoshop Checkout page by default


  • you can put it on the menu or any WordPress page by using the following code:



  • Instead of YOUR_DOMAIN you must put your domain Web Site domain.

  • In order to allow people to register, you must do the following in your WordPress web site beckend:

General > Settings > Membership > Anyone can register (tick this option)