E-mail orders notification problem

Q: I don’t receive e-mail notification when order is made. What can be the reason?

A: Try the following:

1) check your Admin account e-mail address in Settings > Users > (Your Admin) User on which order e-mails notification should be delivered

2) check that your Jigoshop “Demo store” option in settings is checked to No

3) check your e-mail Spam folder

4) try to make purchase with other Payment Gateways (e.g. Cash On Delivery) than the current Payment Gateway you are using to establish if the problem exists with particular Payments Gateways

5) if you are making testings on localhost this could be a cause that you are not receiving e-mails as localhosts don’t support the php mail() function.
If you want to test order e-mails on Jigoshop localhost you can (a) install and configure an SMTP plugin (described in next step) or (b) perform testings on web site (test or production).

6) If you have misconfigured the outgoing email or your host blocks it, you can fix both by installing WordPress plugin WP Mail SMTP and configure it in a way that WordPress uses SMTP instead of php mail().

7) try to remember if you modified some of the Jigoshop files and (if so) revert file to the original state (before your modifications). In case you made a lot Jigoshop files modifications make a copy of your plugins/jigoshop/ folder so that it’s backed up with whatever developing changes you’ve had done to it. Then download a fresh copy of Jigoshop and perform below step 7.

8) To test ability of your site to sent e-mail, create a text file, place the below code snippet into it, name it ‘mailtest.php‘, and place it in the WordPress root of your site (make sure to change the email address in the first few lines to your e-mail address). Access it with YOUR_DOMAIN/mailtest.php in your browser.

     // Your email address
     $email = "[email protected]";
     // The subject
     $subject = "Testing mail sending capabilities for WordPress and PHP";
     // The message
     $message = "testing testing testing ...";
     // load WP now
     if ( mail($email, $subject, 'mail: ' . $message, "From: $email") )
         echo "The email has been sent using the PHP's mail() function.";
     if ( wp_mail($email, $subject, 'wp_mail: ' . $message, "From: $email") )
         echo "The email has been sent using the wp_mail() function.";

Report the results by answering on below two questions:

a. did you receive 2 emails?
b. did you see 2 messages in the browser, or just one, or none messages?

9) perform Simple User testing and afterwards:

a. copy-past your Jigoshop System Info in Forum discussion you created

b. provide your your web site URL in Forum discussion you created.

10) provide us with your WordPress web site debug.log information:

  • disable all WordPress plugins, except Jigoshop
  • delete current debug.log from your server, if any exist
  • activate wp-debug option: guide here, if you already didn’t activate wp-debug option
  • try reproducing your issue (make a “test purchase” in your web shop and try checking out)
  • attach your WordPress web site debug.log in Forum discussion you created.

11) In case that after all stated testings you still didn’t find any new information on possible causes of this problem, we suggest you to create duplicate production site to your on-line test environment **Creating Jigoshop WordPress Test environment and perform the following steps:

a. de-activate and delete Jigoshop, visit your Pages and EMTPY trash (deleted Jigoshop pages in the Trash)

b. export your pages and posts with the WordPress exporter if you think you’ll need them

c. drop ALL tables in the database in your test site C-panel or php My Admin. Visiting your site then, WordPress will go through the ‘5 minute install’.

d. re-install Jigoshop via WordPress ‘Add new plugin’, activate, import the dummy products in the Jigoshop folder with the WordPress Importer

e. configure a few settings for Jigoshop (e.g. some Payment Gateways) and process an Order. Do you get emails then from a completely fresh install?