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Jigoshop QuickBooks extension questions

Extension Requirements needed for extension proper work

Minimum Jigoshop version requirement: extension LINK

System Requirements: This extension only works with Windows versions of QuickBooks.

Jigoshop QuickBooks integration plug-in not exporting orders

For some reason my orders from Jigoshop are not getting exported to QuickBooks. I am getting following errors in QB Web Connector:

1: A query request did not find a matching object in QuickBooks

Error message received from application via getLastError(): 1: A query request did not find a matching object in QuickBooks


If your orders aren’t being pulled into QuickBooks, it’s probably one of these:

  1. Product syncing is disabled and the items either don’t exist in QuickBooks or can’t be found based on SKU or product ID – whichever you have selected.

  2. You have incorrect account types mapped in the admin – i.e. Inventory Asset account type mapped to the undeposited funds, etc. An asset account is required to programmatically create items in Quickbooks.

  3. Your QuickBooks file isn’t completely built out – meaning you don’t have all of the basic accounts setup in QuickBooks such as AR, COGs, Shipping, etc.

E.g. An receivables account is required to programmatically create items in Quickbooks, an shipping Item missing (a shipping item is used for adding shipping charges to a sales receipt sales order. If you’re not collecting shipping, you could probably get by without this one).

  1. Default Zero Tax Items missing: a sales tax item with zero percent is required for entering sales receipts where sales tax is not collected.

You should try adding mentioned items to quickbooks and then deactivating / reactivating the extension and running the web connector again. Once it brings back those missing items, save the mappings in the setup screen.

Then you’ll need to turn on product syncing which will verify that all of your products are in quickbooks. Orders are sent to quickbooks when the status reaches “completed”. You’ll want to make sure that all of the products have been synced before you start sending orders. If there’s a product on an order that’s not in quickbooks, the order won’t go through.