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Table rate shipping extension questions

Extension Requirements needed for extension proper work

Minimum Jigoshop version requirement: extension LINK

System Requirements: Contrary to some forum posts, it is currently not possible to be able to select shipping options during checkout (e.g. free / next day delivery)

Table rate shipping is installed but not showing up in checkout options?

Check if you selected ‘Enable Table Rate Shipping’ setting field to ‘Yes’ option.

Defining regions for table rate shipping extension?

Check out this Forum discussion.

Is it possible to use plugins Table rate shipping and USPS extension together? I would like to use the Table rate shipping extension as a flat rate based on weight. Then offering the option of paying more for faster delivery, using the USPS extension to offer next day, express etc.

Yes, it would work.

Pickup only and mailout or pickup

I am building a cart for a pet food company. Some items such as frozen food and really large bags of dog food are pickup from store only other items such as dried dog treats and smaller packs of dry dog food are mailorder. How do I differentiate these items in Jigoshop?

The only way you can separate products for shipping is using a little hack with table rate shipping. Table Rate shipping allows you to define rates per weight, what this means is you can give your products a really specific weight say 1122413 kg and then set your rate’s min max as 1122413kg. If anyone orders that then local pickup will be selected.

Flate rate shipping per order for different countries

Q: Can I set a flate rate shipping per order for different countries with Jigoshop Table Rate Shipping plugin? For example shipping £2.95 per order to the UK and £3.95 per order to USA.

A: Yes, you can.