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Headway Connect extension questions

Extension Requirements needed for extension proper work

Minimum Jigoshop version requirement: extension LINK

System Requirements: Requires Headway 3.1.1 or greater to be installed and activated

Placeholder picture and odd product info in cart

Q: I am using Jigoshop with Headway Connect and Headway Theme 3.0. The cart seems to be functioning correctly, but above the added products is a placeholder picture and some odd product info.

A: Go to the Cart page in the visual editor and take out the Jigoshop block and put in a content block set to default behavior. When you put the Content block in, it shows blogs posts in the editor. Ignore it. Save it and look at your published site to see the actual content.

Add to Cart Button Missing

Q: I installed and tested Jigoshop WordPress Plugin with Headway Theme. Everything is nice except that there is no Add to Cart button on the product page.

A: You have to replace the Archive > Post Type > Product content block with the Jigoshop Extension block.

Jigoshop and Headway Themes checkout frozen, waiting indicator keeps spinning


How to add ‘Product succesfully Added to Cart’ Message to Non-Jigoshop blocks in Headway?

Q: I have a question about how to add the above message to my headway site. I currently have a functions.php file in my child themes folder. I am using a different page as my main product page instead of the shop page, mostly because I want to keep the formatting of my old site, including product descriptions next to the add to cart short codes from Jigoshop.

Currently, I have a hacked way of doing this by making a product id shortcode with no product in it and hiding its display with CSS, this effectively produces the ‘Product successfully added to cart’ message but does not work with older browser like IE8 etc. (most of my clients are older folk semi or fully retired, they don’t like to change to new browsers). This is a little clunky in my opinion and I was wondering if there is a better way.

I read this discussion on the public forum but it wasn’t clear to me exactly where I should put this.…


Could I do a simple one page hack using direct inject {php}?

A: In Jigoshop you can use actions to run that code like so:

 add_action( 'jigoshop_before_single_product', 'jigoshop::show_messages', 10);
 add_action( 'jigoshop_before_shop_loop'     , 'jigoshop::show_messages', 10);

If you had a hook that you could hook onto then, that’s the best way to go, otherwise just pasting jigoshop::show_messages(); in your template files will work fine.

Price, variations, etc. not showing up with Headway Connect extension

Q: I’m using Jigoshop with the Headway theme and Headway Connect extension. Since I’ve installed the extension, not everything is showing up on the product page (e.g. price, add to cart button, colours, etc.). Also, although I’ve customised the templates for the Shop and Products page in Headway, Jigoshop keeps using the home page template for any pages related to it. Can you please help?

A: In the visual editor of Headway have you changed the block type from Content to Jigoshop on the following templates:

 Archive > post type > product
 Single > product

Headway products page

Q: The headway products page displays like excerpts, rather than a grid. Is there a way to set the products page to a grid?

A: You need to use the Jigoshop Headway block on the archive products template. E.g. go into the headway visual editor, under archives > post types > product you should edit that template & change the content block from content to Jigoshop.