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Stripe Payment Gateway extension questions

Extension Requirements needed for extension proper work

Minimum Jigoshop version requirement: extension LINK

System Requirements: To receive payments, you currently need to be based in the U.S, although you can accept payments from anywhere, and Stripe are working to allow non-U.S businesses to be able to utilize the service.

No e-mails notices while using Stripe extension

Q: I’m having an issue with the Stripe as new orders are going to pending status and therefore not generating any e-mails notices to the admin or the customer:

  • I get confirmation of processed order via website
  • No email notification
  • Product purchased is not deleted from inventory
  • Product purchased remain in cart
  • I see no payment activity when checking online bank statement, or Stripe account.
  • If I change order status to “complete” or “processing” email notification are sent…still no financial activity

A: If you try a different Theme and Stripe work properly then there is something that interferes in your Theme. As Stripe is heavily based on javascript the problem is most probably in the themes javascript functionality. You need to find out what it is: Firebug for Firefox and Chrome developer tools are very good tools in finding these problems. Check the console for any errors when you are trying to pay with Stripe.

Stripe Payment Gateway is not compatible with the following plugin: WP Cart Mailcheck