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USPS Shipping Calculator extension questions

Extension Requirements needed for extension proper work

Minimum Jigoshop version requirement: extension LINK

System Requirements: n/a

I’m trying to use the USPS Shipping Calc Plugin with no success

Q: I installed the USPS plugin, put in the USPS User ID I got when registered for their Web Tools. When I go to the cart/checkout pages, shipping is always blank.

A: Check if you have done the following:

  • Shipping profile with USPS webtools API’s
  • Weights for the products you wish to sell
  • Dimensions for the products you wish to sell
  • User ID has to be moved to the USPS production server, from the test server.

See above steps in order to get your ID put on production.

While on the production server, access is not given to the correct Rate API. Ask USPS for that API access as it isn’t given off the bat.

Can I use Jigoshop USPS extension to add different rates for USA state?

This extension get real rates from the shipping servers. So, if USPS charges more when delivering to a different state, then the answer would be yes.

Is it possible to use plugins USPS and Table rate shipping extension together? I would like to use the Table rate shipping extension as a flat rate based on weight. Then offering the option of paying more for faster delivery, using the USPS extension to offer next day, express etc.

Yes, it would work.

Is possible to set up USPS Shipping calculator to be applied to a specific product category and flat rate to another?

Currently it is not possible.

USPS Shipping Calculator – not working

Q: I have the plugin installed and set up but no USPS rates are being displayed. Any recommendations?

A: Check if you entered the incorrect zipcode and if selected one of your had of the International shipping. options selected.

USPS Shipping Calculator

Q: The USPS shipping calculator is not calculating shipping at all for me. I have:

  1. Created a Shipping profile with USPS webtools API’s
  2. Put in the weights for each of the products
  3. Put in dimensions for the products you wish to sell
  4. My user ID has to be moved to the USPS production server, from the test server. (verification email received)

What can I do to get the shipping calculator to work?

A: Check if you checked the box under Settings > Products&Inventory > Enable product dimensions.