13 new extensions: SEO, Marketing, Events, and Payments

When it comes to Jigoshop extensions, 13 might actually be a lucky number. When it comes to marketing your website, improving your search traffic, or using Jigoshop to sell tickets for events, we can help in more ways than ever before.

As the person responsible for marketing Jigoshop and writing all of the website copy, I’m particularly excited about the new Rich Snippets extension, which makes it quick and easy for your products to really stand out in search results. Plus, the Custom Products Tabs mean you can include much more information on a product page whilst still keeping it easy to read and use for customers.

Event organisers will be very interested in the new Product Purchasers extension, and there’s also a new Amazon eStore Affiliates extension to let you bulk import Amazon products into your shop and earn affiliate revenue. Oh, and the small matter of eight new payment gateways which cover even more countries.


Jigoshop Rich Snippets:


Search engines are an important source of customers for any online business. We already offer an SEO extension to help you rank highly in search engine results, but how do you make sure that people are clicking on your listing when they see it amongst 10 others?

The Jigoshop Rich Snippets extension allows you to use Schema markup and get your products to really stand out. The Schema tags highlight relevant information and display it in search results, with specific features for Product, Creative Work, Book, Movie, Software or Event. Plus you can let search engines display the number of reviews for any product and a star rating – great to reassure new customers of the quality of your products or services.

Check out how you can start converting more customers from search results with the Jigoshop Rich Snippets extension.


Custom Product Tabs:


When your customers are viewing products, you need to make sure there’s enough information for them to make a purchase. At the same time, no-one wants to read through the world’s longest product description to find the facts they need.

Custom Product Tabs means you can add multiple product tabs with your own titles, descriptions and HTML markup for formatting, meaning that your additional information, FAQs or Terms of Service can be displayed to those who need it to convince them to spend their money, without cluttering up your page with so much information it scares people away.

Integrate more content the right way with Custom Product Tabs.


Amazon eStore Affiliates for Jigoshop:


If you’ve always wanted to run an online store but don’t want to deal with products and stock levels, then this is a great solution. This extension allows you to import products from Amazon straight into Jigoshop – meaning that you can make affiliate revenue on every sale.

Whether you want to run an online business based entirely around affiliate sales, or you want to fill holes in your range and earn some cash at the same time, the bulk import makes it quick and simple to add products. And automatic synchronisation means you’ll always have the latest information and prices on display.

Find out how easy it is with the Amazon eStore Affiliates for Jigoshop extension.


Jigoshop Product Purchasers:


Jigoshop has been designed to be extremely flexible, so you can sell almost anything. And with the Jigoshop Product Purchasers extension it’s now a lot easier to not only sell event tickets, but also manage the fulfillment when it comes to the event itself.

You simply set a date range and the fields you need to output, and then choose between HTML and PDF formats. That gives you a ready-made list of event attendees with contact details or specific requirements etc, which can then be checked against people turning up.

Whether you need extra details for live events, follow-up work for your business or for your records, Jigoshop Product Purchasers will help.


Add Flat Rate Shipping:


The quickest and easiest way to add Flat Rate Shipping rules to your Jigoshop business. If you want to keep things simple, you may prefer this to the more comprehensive Premium Shipping extension, as it allows you to select your new flat rate delivery options, whether that’s Overnight, Next-Day or Standard. Check out the new Add Flat Rate Shipping extension.



Eight more payment gateways:

Yet again, the range of countries and territories covered by Jigoshop payment gateways has expanded. In addition to the new DIBS payment gateway, which replaces and extends functionality from the core Jigoshop download, we also have new options for countries including Brazil, India, Australia and more.

Each works with a specific payment provider, giving you options for credit cards, but also for national banks and other specific payment systems which may be country-specific. The full list of new payment gateways is:


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One Response to 13 new extensions: SEO, Marketing, Events, and Payments

  1. Josh says:

    We use Jigoshop on our website (www.portablesolar.co.nz) and love its great functionality, its awesome to see the continual development of this fantastic plugin with brilliant new features. Keep it up!

    October 10, 2012 at 11:53 pm

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