Migration guide

Jigoshop 1.x to Jigoshop eCommerce (v2.0) migration guide

Step 0. Preparations.

Jigoshop eCommerce requires at least PHP 5.6
The migration process requires you to have the latest version of Jigoshop 1.x
If you have any of our paid plugins it is necessary to update them to the newest
available version
in order to proceed.
Please confirm that you have fulfilled the above requirements before you attempt to migrate to the Jigoshop
eCommerce, otherwise, you may suffer from severe data loss (license keys, for instance).

Step 1. Create a full-site backup

This can be done by using a WordPress backup plugin of your choice. (WordPress Backup Guide)
We strongly suggest doing this before you start the migration process.

Step 2. Check your paid plugins’ compatibility

If you are using any of our paid plugins (like „Premium Shipping”),
you can go to
Jigoshop → Migration Information
in your WordPress Dashboard (also „the backend”, „admin panel”) or click the link that appears on top of the
page (Screenshot below) in order to check your plugins’ compatibility with Jigoshop eCommerce (v2.0)
If all of your plugins have a “Yes, this plugin is fully compatible.” message displayed next to their name, you
should be ready to upgrade.

Step 3. Download Jigoshop eCommerce
and install it on your site

Go to Plugins → Add new → Upload plugin
(Screenshot below)

Step 4. Deactivate Jigoshop 1.x, and activate Jigoshop eCommerce (v2.0).

Go to Plugins and deactivate Jigoshop
, after you have done that, activate Jigoshop eCommerce as presented on the
screenshot below.
You might see notices, that your plugins have been deactivated – don’t worry, this is the expected

Step 5. Migrate your database

Go to Jigoshop → Migration Tool (Screenshot below)
You will be instructed on how to proceed on the page.
Warning: it is crucial that you have a full-site backup at this point – the migration process
is irreversible
and requires a backup to restore the previous state!

Step 6. Post-installation checks

After you have completed the above, check your paid plugins (if
installed) settings. Once you have confirmed the validity of the settings, go to Jigoshop →
Settings and deactivate the “Display custom message?” and “Demo store” in the
“General” tab (Screenshot below).
Your site is now fully migrated from Jigoshop 1.x to Jigoshop eCommerce (v2.0).