Build a learning business with LearnDash and Jigoshop – Special Offer!

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LearnDash is a powerful learning management system for WordPress which allows you to create online courses, run tests, store and report student performance and much more. Whether you’re a training organisation, an industry professional, coach or entrepreneur, it’s easier than ever to share and monetise your knowledge as more and more people look to improve their skills online.

And by using it in conjunction with Jigoshop you get access to our shopping cart functionality and massive range of extensions, including a wide range of payment gateway options. That means you can quickly and easily set up LearnDash and Jigoshop to accept credit card payments and global currencies, with the security of the best payment providers around the world. It really is a great way to build up an online knowledge and training business.

We’ve arranged a special introductory offer for you to purchase LearnDash. Follow this link and enter the code JIGODASH5 to save 30% on the LearnDash plugin. This offer is only available until 1pm (BST) on Saturday May 25, 2013, so act now!


LearnDash Features:


Using LearnDash enables you to:

  • Create an unlimited number of courses and sub-lessons.
  • Create quizzes, set passing scores and automatically issue downloadable passing certificates.
  • Capture API actions in the learning record store for any event.
  • Set course and lesson access on a predefined schedule, with required lesson paths and progress bars.
  • Manage registered users and run user activity reports.


Jigoshop Features:


  • Enable the Jigoshop Shopping cart to allow easier purchase and bulk buying for groups and companies.
  • Use your choice of 80+ payment gateways to enable credit card, digital and other payment methods in whichever currencies you wish.
  • Automate username, password and course access when customers complete their purchases.
  • Choose from 100s of additional extensions to promote and market your business, improve your design or increase your sales.
  • Jigoshop can also sell digital or physical products, or a mixture of both, allowing you to sell products which compliment your online courses – including study aids, books, and course materials.

Both Jigoshop and LearnDash are designed to use responsive design to look great on computers, tablets and mobile phones. And both come with cost-effective Support options to ensure your business has appropriate back-up.


LearnDash Special Offer – Ends Saturday May 25th, 2013:

We’ve arranged a special offer with the LearnDash team to allow you to combine our two platforms together for less. The offer runs from 1pm (BST), Wednesday May 22, until 1pm (BST), Saturday, May 25th. For U.S users, that’s 7am EST on Saturday May 25th.

To save 30% on the purchase of the LearnDash plugin, please follow this link, and use the promotional code JIGODASH5 when purchasing.



9 new extensions and 1 great saving!

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Not only have we got 9 new extensions released this week, but you can also save with a special offer running until May 28,2013. Two great Jigoshop extensions, Video Product Tab and Photos Product Tab, are being bundled together to give you a 20% saving on the cost of buying two awesome ways to really make your products look great. To get this deal, check out the Seb’s Studio Discounted Bundle now.

And we’ll have news of another great extension and special offer tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22nd.


Seb’s Studio Discounted Bundle:


Grab two great Jigoshop extensions and save money with this great discounted bundle which is available until May 28, 2013. Included in your purchase are the Video Product Tab and Photos Product Tab extensions – and by buying both at the same time you save 20% from the total cost. Check out Seb’s Studio Discounted Bundle now.


Korta Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:


Integrate Korta payment services into your Jigoshop business to take online payments. This Icelandic-based payment provider serves customers throughout Europe and is particularly suited to any business operating in the travel and tourism industries. Check out the Korta Payment Gateway.


ANZ eGate Payment Gateway:


Take online payments with a service which is designed to also work with call centres and voice recognition services as your business grows. This Australian bank and payment provider can trace it’s history back to 1835, so they have plenty of experience in financial services! Check out the ANZ eGate payment gateway.


PayU Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:


Benefit from the expertise of PayU in processing payments for European countries including the Czech Republic and Poland. Licensed by the Czech National Bank, PayU supports a range of security options in addition to taking credit card and ‘pay by link’ services. Check out the PayU Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop Post Layout:


One of the big benefits of Jigoshop is that it’s open source and you can edit any code to your exact needs. But editing core files can be intimidating for a non-developer, which is where this extension solves a problem. It allows you to add custom HTML and Javascript to specific areas of your site, giving you a quick and easy way to make changes. You can quickly add code provided by other sites into content, product pages and more. Check out Jigoshop Post Layout.


Extended Category Widget:


Create custom categories, and display them in your sidebar. Quickly choose whether to highlight each new or existing category with a thumbnail and a description, and give your customers a simple way to navigate to sections you want to promote. Check out Extended Category Widget.


Sendloop Signup Widget:


If you currently manage your email lists with Sendloop, or want to give it a try, then this quick and simple signup widget is great to encourage your customers to share their email addresses with you. Display it on your homepage and in your sidebar to make sure you’re building your email list to increase your sales. Check out the Sendloop Signup Widget.


Premium HTML Email:



This extension not only lets you create custom emails to send to customers to confirm their purchases, but also allows them to be edited by Jigoshop store administrators. That makes it much easier for you to make simple changes, add items and promotions and more, without needing to find a developer for every single amendment. Check out Premium HTML Emails.


Jigoshop Easy Print Button:


Simple and effective extension for Jigoshop which adds a print button to your order page, and allows site admins to print billing and shipping details and costs for each product. Check out the Jigoshop Easy Print Button.


WP Menu Cart:


Add a shopping cart to your navigation bar with the option to customise your own CSS, display icon or items and prices, and show all the time or only if there are items in the cart. Check out WP Menu Cart.


Premium Shipping 1.2 adds even more features

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Premium Shipping is one of the most Jigoshop extensions available, providing a wide range of customisable shipping options. It allows you to set multiple rules for products, whether they’re part of the extension or custom rules that you’ve reacted. Plus it includes location options for countries, stats, zip codes and more.

But now it’s an even better solution as we release an updated and improved version.

Premium Shipping 1.2


We’ve listened to all the feedback received since Premium Shipping was released and the latest version of the extension now includes some of the most requested additions.

Firstly, all shipping rules can now have specific products attached, and those rules will only apply if those products are added to a cart by the customer. That’s perfect for stores which sell items requiring unique shipping solutions, or if your general shipping settings don’t apply to everything you sell.

And we’ve also added a minimum and maximum value range for weights, prices and item quantity, so you can make it easier to manage your shipping settings, and also encourage customers to buy more – why not encourage them to add an extra product for the same shipping price?

Premium Shipping is also easier to use. We’ve looked at the administrator tooltips and descriptions within the extension to make them easier to understand and explain the features more effectively, as well as making some usability and design improvements to the extension itself.

And with shops around the globe using Jigoshop, we’ve made it easier to translate Premium Shipping into other languages with a .pot file included for translators.

Summary of additions to Premium Shipping 1.2:

  • Each shipping rule can have specific products attached, and will only apply when that product is added to a shopping cart.
  • Minimum and maximum values can now be set for weight, price and quantity of items.
  • Easier language translation with an included .pot file
  • Improved design, with clearer tool-tips and descriptions to explain features
  • Minor bug fixes to further improve performance.

If you’re already using Premium Shipping, you’ll be prompted to update to the latest version. If not, it’s a great time to invest in our most comprehensive shipping solution for eCommerce stores. For just $79 you can set flat, price, weight, quantity and location-based rates, combine them, create your own rules, and much more.

Other plugin updates this week include:

  • CIM

* Added: default new credit card selected
* Fixed: disabling eChecks did not hide the Bank Account number during checkout
* Fixed: in some circumstances the duplicate payment profile error were raised and transaction was not processed

  • Jigoshop Product Attribute Images

* Fixed: in some circumstances attributes images do not display correctly

  • Cross Sells & Up Sells

Jigoshop Showcase #32 Slavna Martinovic

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The Slavna Martinovic site was submitted to our showcase by web developer Warren Jerzyszek, and it’s one of the most unusual websites we’ve seen. While obviously we focus on the way Jigoshop is used to power the eCommerce section, it’s worth taking a look at the entire site to potentially inspire something out of the ordinary.

Jigoshop Showcase #32

The whole site is bold and eye-catching, as shown by the homepage.


That contrasts really nicely with the colour and imagery when you click through to the Boutique section via a page which feels like a handwritten letter explaining the brand. Moving into the eCommerce section of the site, powered by Jigoshop, and the consistency of the fonts and navigation brings you back into purchasing mode.


The main Category pages feature the same large and bold font size and style for the Category listings, which is important to ensure that information isn’t overwhelmed by the large product images.


Finally the product pages feature details descriptions of the products and the work involved in creating them. For example, this made-to-measure dress which can take up to 30 hours of detailed work by hand.That detailing is show in the additional product images.

In addition to the Cart functionality and social media sharing buttons, there is also a link to a Measuring Sheet, which brings up a lightbox image to show all the measurements required to order your dress, which is obviously a vital piece of information when ordering.


It’s definitely worth checking out the site for yourself and experiencing how the feel of it changes as you navigate from the homepage. Many of the other sections of the site feature rich fashion photography, but the overall minimalism of the design means that it all feels part of the same site, rather than being a compilation of very different experiences.


Submit your sites for our showcase:

We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

New extensions: Great news for charities

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We’ve added a further 9 new extensions for Jigoshop today, with a variety of great new tools and payment gateways for your eCommerce business. One worth particularly highlighting is the Jigoshop Name Your Price / Charity / Donations extension which opens up Jigoshop to be used for any cause which needs to accept donations and contributions. It’s great to think more organisations could use Jigoshop to raise money for worthwhile causes.


Jigoshop Name Your Price/Charity/Donations:


This extension allows your customers to name their own price for specific products. It’s quick and easy to use, and means that you can create products to allow donations, run charity auctions, or promote your products in the way that bands such as Radiohead have done, allowing fans to purchase and download for their own amounts.

By using product pages for donations, you can also ensure you have all the relevant information and details to encourage people to support your cause. Check out Jigoshop Name Your Price/Charity/Donations.


Freshbooks for Jigoshop:


Freshbooks is a widely-used cloud-based accounting system which you can now use to make your life a lot easier. This extension will automatically create invoices, payments and clients from purchases made on your Jigoshop store. That means easier record keeping and accounting which can be a huge help, particular at tax time. Check out Freshbooks for Jigoshop.


BluePay for Jigoshop


Payment gateway for BluePay payment processing, which is based in the U.S and Canada. In addition to credit card payments, you can also accept checks from customers with a U.S based checking or savings account. Check out BluePay for Jigoshop.


SecureNet Payment Gateway for Jigoshop


SecureNet account holders can now easily integrate their payment services into any Jigoshop store with this extension, enabling you to accept all major credit cards. Check out the SecureNet Payment Gateway.


MailChimp Signup Widget:


To add to the MailChimp extension for Jigoshop, we now offer a MailChimp Signup Widget to attract prospective and existing customers to subscribe to your emails. That means it’s easy to position in any widget space in your theme, and you can make sure it’s seen by anyone visiting your store. Check out the MailChimp Signup Widget.


Jigoshop Quickview


Add a Quickview icon to products and let customers see details and images directly on your category and product list pages. Customers can buy directly from the modal box which displays, and it avoids frustration if you have large inventories of similar products. Check out Jigoshop Quickview.




DineroMail payment gateway for Jigoshop, which integrates a leading payment platform for Latin American companies. You’ll be able to accept payments in the Brazilian Real, Mexican Peso, Argentine Peso, Chile Peso, Colombian Peso and U.S Dollars. Check out DineroMail.


Jigoshop Video Product Tab:


Use video as an effective sales tool by displaying it on an additional tab on your product pages. You could use it for product demonstrations and advice, or to suggest complimentary products. Check out Jigoshop Video Product Tab.


Jigoshop Basic Weight Shipping


Simple free shipping extension which allows you to set 5 maximum weight levels with a fee for each. A great way to get started until you need one of our more complex shipping solutions. Check out Jigoshop Basic Weight Shipping.