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New owner! Jigoshop regains his position under new ownership and management

big_ideaBig idea

Jigoshop 1.x is an open-source content management system for eCommerce websites based on WordPress. Jigoshop 1.x was initially developed as a free eCommerce software solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with WordPress websites. In its early stages, Jigoshop 1.x and competing plugin, WP-eCommerce were the dominant WordPress eCommerce plugins.

2011: The beginning

Jigoshop 1.x began its life as a product of UK-based company Jigowatt Ltd. The first version was released on 31 May 2011 and it went on to grow in strength throughout its first year until WooThemes decided to fork the plugin and hire Jigoshop 1.x’s two lead developers (Mike Jolley and Jay Koster) after an attempt to buy Jigoshop 1.x’s copyrights was rejected by Jigowatt.

2013: A shift in priorities

Although Jigoshop 1.x continued to go from strength to strength, towards the end of the year, Jigowatt’s priorities changed. Jigowatt decided to focus primarily on the core of its business related to web design.

2014: New owner

Following an initial offer in 2013, Jigoshop was purchased from Jigowatt by the group of IT professionals who are also involved in other businesses, including Proxar IT Consulting. The first update to Jigoshop under its new ownership came in late March 2014, with a focus on tackling such issues associated with free eCommerce software as poor support and security problems.