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The reasons behind our Support price changes

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We created Jigoshop with one aim – to make the best possible WordPress eCommerce solution. And almost two years later, we’ve achieved a fair amount of that ambition, although there’s still a lot more to do.

Part of that aim has been to continue to evolve and improve our core Jigoshop product. But a major element is the support for when things don’t work quite as they should – and with a huge range of plugins, hosting providers and other factors, the need for quality support has grown massively alongside the numbers of Jigoshop businesses and users around the world.

As a result, we’ve needed to invest heavily in improving our support, and already we’ve:

  • Increased the number of support staff available
  • Ensured we have coverage across more time zones
  • Invested in more development and training for our support staff
  • Cut UK time zone response and resolution times by 20%

Despite the costs of adding staff, increasing our availability, and responding more quickly, we’ve tried to keep the costs of support as low as possible, and there hasn’t been an increase in prices since we launched 20 months ago – despite the state of the global economy, and the effect it can have on cash flow.

But there comes a point where we can’t continue to improve and develop Jigoshop, particularly Support, as a loss-making exercise. So from today, the new Support package costs will be $39.99 per month, or you can save 50% on the cost for 12 months by signing up for an annual subscription for $239.99.

This means we can ensure that if you’re using Jigoshop to power your business, you can be assured that your livelihood is well-supported.

And if you’re using Jigoshop to develop and design eCommerce sites for multiple clients, the cost is still very manageable. With 5 clients on-board, the annual cost of full support is less than $50 per client, per year, which could be factored into annual billing for hosting and other maintenance, for example.

It also means that although we don’t provide support via the free community forum, we can continue to offer it as a way for you to connect with other Jigoshop users, developers and more. And we can plan improvements to how it operates in the future to make it a more effective free resource for you, alongside our Premium Support.

This year we also want to spend more time explaining how Jigoshop is working as a business, and to keep building the relationships we have with you. Building transparency into our operations, and remaining committed to open source are two big reasons why Jigoshop is growing, and why we’re still as passionate about providing the best experience and community as we can.

How to test Jigoshop live with no install needed

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You can now test and make changes to a live Jigoshop store – with no need to install software. Our new demo site allows you to log in and see all the data and information you get with a typical Jigoshop setup. And you can even make and save changes, and see what happens live via the front end.

Our new demo tool uses the default WordPress Twenty Eleven theme to display a selection of products which you can then amend and change as you would on your own shop. Change descriptions, prices, attributes and variables to see how they look and act.

Check out the new Jigoshop demo site now!

Jigoshop Demo - the front end

Make changes and see them appear live on the Jigoshop demo site


When you visit the demo site you’re supplied with a username and login, and from there you can make any allowable changes. The install does include some addition plugins allow you to get an idea of how powerful Jigoshop is:

You can see how these extensions act, and interact, to provide an eCommerce website which meets the needs of your business and your customers.

Jigoshop Demo - Main Admin

The main Administration page for Jigoshop


In addition to the changes you can make, you also get access to all the reporting available in the core Jigoshop download, including reports on Sales. This includes Top Earners, Most Sold, Total Orders and Sales, and the number of New Customers.

Jigoshop Demo Site Reports

See the Reporting built into the Jigoshop core


So if you’re interested in using Jigoshop for your store this is a great way to make sure you know what to expect. And if you’re working on client projects you now have a ready-made demonstration they can log into and play around with – which should mean happier clients knowing what they will be getting, and less time before you can train them in how to run their new eCommerce website.

Please note that the demo will reset to default settings every 24 hours, so this isn’t a way to set up a specific client demo as you may find all your work disappears. There’s also no user limit, so you may find that other users are editing the site at the same time as you’re making changes.

If you just want to check out how different themes look, our Theme Demo still exists – so you can check out all the official Jigoshop themes in detail.

Convinced? Download Jigoshop for free and add to the 120,000 downloads so far! Click here to download Jigoshop right now.

The biggest Jigoshop news you may have missed

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April has been a great month for Jigoshop, with more and more people downloading and installing our software to create awesome WordPress eCommerce shops, and some big news and changes.

In case you missed anything, here are the highlights from the past month:

20 new plugins, Pagelines integration and a new theme:

Jigoshop Club now gives you more for your money:

Since launching, we’ve been monitoring the Jigoshop Club and discussing how we can give every member more for their money – as a result we re-launched the Club this month to continue to include every official Jigoshop theme and plugins, but it now also includes lifetime support! And if you sign up before May 21st, 2012, you’ll get all of that for just $359. Pay once, and you’ll get themes, extensions and support indefinitely – and you’ll save $141 if you grab it now.


Jigoshop 1.2 Beta Release:

And all of that is in addition to the small matter of Jigoshop 1.2 becoming available as a developer beta release for you to download and test to check out our improvements and new features, and to make sure all your stores (or your clients) are working perfectly when it becomes available as an official update.

Check out and download the release, and take a look at the latest comments, contributions and improvements on the forum thread. Don’t forget, one contributor who files a bug or fix will be thanked with a free official Jigoshop theme or extension of their choice.


May is going to be even better:

It’s going to be a challenge to top that in May, but we’ve got a full list of new plugins and extensions to be uploaded, plus the official roll out of Jigoshop 1.2 and lots more. The best ways to keep up to date are by reading this blog, signing up for the Jigoshop weekly email, and/or following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Act now to save on Jigoshop themes, plugins and lifetime support

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We’re making some changes to the way the Jigoshop Club operates, and if you act now you could take advantage of a massive saving on every official Jigoshop theme, every official Jigoshop plugin, and you’ll also get lifetime support – all for a one-off payment.

The reasons for the change are relatively simple:

  • Pricing will be clearer and easier to understand with a one-time payment rather than recurring membership
  • It means we can increase our commitment to supporting Premium Members in the future, whether you’re a Jigoshop Club member, or just buying support on a monthly or annual basis.
  • You’ll still be able to download every official Jigoshop plugin listed on the site and each new one as it becomes available. The 37 currently published already have a value of $1330 if purchased separately.
  • And you still get access to every official Jigoshop theme, and every new addition we make. That’s currently 7 themes, including the popular minimalist Jigotheme, space-age Corellian, fashionable Stitched and music theme Overload. Bought individually, the themes alone would cost you $464 (Non-sale prices).
  • Support currently costs $29 for a month, or $99 for a year, but lifetime support will now be included as part of the single payment to join the Jigoshop Club.

So we’ve come up with a package which offers you great value, and allows us to spend more time focusing on adding even more to the extras available for paid members.

Rather than spending $1330 + $464 + $99 (Total $1893) for a year of themes, plugins and support, we’re going to give you everything, including lifetime support for a total price of $500, saving you a minimum of $1318 before we release even one more extension or theme (And we have lots ready to release very soon!)

Jigoshop Club SignUp


Act now and save even more:

The cost of the Jigoshop Club will be set at $500 from May 15, 2012, which is just 3 weeks away.

But if you sign up now, you’ll get $1330 of plugins, $464 of themes, and $99 worth of support every 12 months for a single payment of JUST $359!

We want to reward everyone that’s supported us so far by offering the new Jigoshop Club with lifetime support for exactly the same price you’d have paid for just 12 months of support with our old Club package.

That probably makes it the best value deal in all of WordPress eCommerce. So don’t wait and risk missing out – get your access right now with the Jigoshop Club for just $359 for the next 21 days, because the price won’t be that low again, especially as we continue to add themes and plugins, plus expand our support team.
Jigoshop Club SignUp


Existing Club Members:

If you’re an existing Jigoshop Club member, there’s no need to worry – at the point your payments reach $359, you’ll be guaranteed the same lifetime access and support as new sign-ups. So you’ll get the same great deal at a bargain price with no risk of forgetting to sign up!