A handful of comments, quotes and other buzz surrounding Jigoshop from around the web.

A handful of comments, quotes and other buzz surrounding Jigoshop from around the web.

Jigoshop works amazingly well right out of the box w/ very little setup or custom configuration needed.

Cotton Rohrscheib of The Cotton Club – Jigoshop eCommerce Plugin for WordPress

What impresses me the most about Jigoshop is the simplicity, the nice functions it has, and that it all fits snugly inside my WordPress website. I don’t have to jump from one admin (my WordPress website) to my ecommerce admin (eg. Magento admin). Having Jigoshop inside my WordPress makes it so easy and quick to jump from page, post to product. I love that.

Crystal Calhoun of Made To Be Unique
22 Aug 2012

With Jigoshop you can quickly and easily add e-commerce functionality to your site without having to install shopping cart software. Add and maintain an online inventory of products, offer product options, and group products together while enabling users to quickly and easily purchase the products or even services that you offer. Jigoshop looks good and further extends the functionality of WordPress developed websites.

Gareth Hoyle, SEO Outsourcing – 10 WordPress Plugins We Couldn’t Live Without
August 24th, 2012

Overall the Jigoshop plugin is rapidly becoming our favourite eCommerce plugin and well worth looking in to for a traditional online store.

Glenn Eastland, Slick Media – Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin 2012
July 9th 2012

Jigoshop should not need any introduction. It is a powerful e-commerce plugin that lets you turn your WordPress site into an e-commerce store. It is easy to set up and put to use too.

WordPress Jedi – Here are 20 Jigoshop plugins you should not miss
July 9th 2012

Put time into developing all aspects of your business, not just the plugin or theme. Jigoshop had (and continues to have) huge community support. My advice to anyone in the open-source community: be more than your code.

Siobhan McKeown – Do’s and Don’ts For WordPress Startups
June 21st 2012

We love this plug in, hats off to its developers. They have delivered a tidy, easy to use eCommerce solution that has all the major bases covered and is perfect for small business and web store start-ups. While it is clear that Magento is the heavy weight champion of ecommerce platforms Jigo really stands its ground in the mid weight category and we can only see it going from strength to strength.
June 15th 2012

Though a few more supported payment gateways would be nice, we’re still impressed with the features of this free plug-in, and definitely think it’s worth trying out.

Mashable – 8 Superior WordPress Plug-ins for eCommerce

Well let me tell you boys and girls – eCommerce for WordPress don’t suck no more! Jigoshop is a joy to behold – right from the initial install through to getting a test order through the cart. You can literally have this thing up and running and taking orders in about 10-15 mins tops.


The Jigowatt team deserve a huge thank you for their service to the community. This looks like a great eCommerce solution!


Jigoshop being the newest kid on the block is pretty stunning for a V1 release and I’m in the process of building out a few stores with it – so far it’s head and shoulders above all the others on this list.

Themesforge – 8 Superior WordPress Plug-ins for eCommerce

Jigoshop looks really modern and the default theme is absolutely gorgeous, I will be playing with this plugin very soon and report back with my findings.

Eire Studio

The majority of eCommerce solutions for WordPress cost around $99 so if you are looking to build an online shop with WordPress, it makes sense to try out Jigoshop first as not only is it free to use, it’s also one of the most feature rich eCommerce solutions available.

WP Mods

Using Jigoshop for a recent mobile web app project, all I can say is “WOW”. They offer an incredible UI for product management, helpful support via their online forum, clean graphs and charts for order queues and stock reporting, and even price and attribute product filters (e.g. a price filter widget that allows users to narrow down results by price). The CSS will please the aesthete in all of us, and the Javascript makes page transitions very smooth.


Jigoshop’s potential is simply enormous and we look forward to the developments in the coming months.

Aurélien Denis (WordPress Channel)

HUGE Thank You! Love, love, love what you guys are doing. Well done and thanks again for your amazing customer service.

Sarah Frare – (Website coming soon)