Account Funds

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Let your customers purchase and pay via the Account Funds Credit system to add more flexibility to the types of business you can run using Jigoshop.

Now you can let consumers deposit funds up front into their account by purchasing Credits, which can then be used as the payment method on checkout to pay for their order. Funds can be deposited into accounts at any time, and administrators can manage the credit amount by adding or removing credit for customers. This allows you to issue rewards in redeemable Credits.

You can also offer discounts for anyone using Account Fund Credits to pay, allowing you to encourage people to invest up front in products and services, and then be rewarded for their investment – this uses the Coupons feature in Jigoshop versions 1.3 and above.

This means you can offer a subscription type service with the flexibility for customers to pick and choose the products or services they like, for example.

Account Funds Features

  • Customers can deposit funds into their account
  • Reward customers for using their account funds to checkout by offering coupons (Requires Jigoshop 1.3+)
  • Admins can manually give or remove credit for their customers
Single Website License

This license entitles you to use on a single domain.

Version 1.0
Author Matt Gates
Released October 2, 2012
Price $49.00

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Required-jigoshop-version 1.3
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