Genesis Connect for Jigoshop

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This plugin replaces Jigoshop’s built-in shop templates with its own Genesis-ready versions, specifically the `single-product.php`, `archive-product.php` and `taxonomy.php` templates needed to display the single product page, the main shop page, and Product Category and Product Tag archive pages.
To allow easy customization of these templates, and ensure that you do not lose your customizations when the plugin is updated, you can place your own copies of these templates in your child theme’s ‘jigoshop’ folder and customize these copies as much as you like. You can also create your own `taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php` and `taxonomy-{taxonomy}-{term}.php` templates in the same location and this plugin will find them and use them to display your shop’s Product Category and Product Tag archives. See the [Template Hierarchy]( to learn more about naming requirements for taxonomy templates.
Additionally, the plugin makes [Genesis Simple Sidebars]( and [Genesis Simple Menus]( compatible with Jigoshop.
Single Website License

This license entitles you to use on a single domain.

Version 1.0.2
Author Jigoshop Team
Released March 12, 2012
Price Free

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Required-jigoshop-version 1.1
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