Want Jigoshop eCommerce in your language? Translations needed!

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Help us improve Jigoshop eCommerce, again!

We create our plugin for you – our users. Your great experience with Jigoshop eCommerce is crucial for us. We want you to use it freely and with ease, that is why we want to eliminate all the possible difficulties – including the language barrier. Since the beginning of Jigoshop eCommerce, we wanted it to be the most user-friendly and accessible eCommerce platform on the market, so translating it into various languages feels like a natural next step forward. We’ve received quite a few requests of translating the plugin, but frankly, we’re not always able to keep up. This is the moment where you – our users – have the spotlight.

Translate Jigoshop eCommerce to your language and get $1000 in store credit on jigoshop.com!

We’re glad to inform you that we’re offering $1000 in store credit for our contributors, who will significantly help making Jigoshop eCommerce multilingual! Are you interested in helping? Need further information or maybe you have some suggestions or ideas regarding translations? Give us a shout at [email protected] or on our WordPress forums as well as in the comment section down below! We highly appreciate all your feedback and contributions!

We cannot wait to see Jigoshop eCommerce grow – again – thanks to you!


14 thoughts on “Want Jigoshop eCommerce in your language? Translations needed!”

  1. Finn Sommer says:

    Jigoshop.. You got mail!

    1. Paulina Błachowiak says:

      Thank you very much Finn for reaching out to us, we just replied ?

  2. Liora says:

    I want to help translate to Hebrew

  3. Phamen says:


    I would like to help translate to Vietnamese.

    1. Paulina Błachowiak says:


      We are really happy that you want to help, please contact us at [email protected]!


  4. Phamen says:


    I would like to help translate to Vietnamese

  5. suhel says:

    i would like to translate theme to hindi language

  6. Mani says:

    I am ready to help you to get a jigoshop in Tamil language. if Interested, tell me how to proceed?

    1. Martin Czyz says:

      Hi Mani
      Please refer to our post about translation contributors:

  7. Ian Leong says:

    Hello, I can offer my translation skill for Chinese and Malay version

    1. Hi,

      Contact us at [email protected]. We will provide You necessary information.

  8. rah says:

    I would love to try to translate it to Bahasa (Indonesia)!

    1. Hi,

      Contact us at [email protected]. We will provide You necessary information.

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