We’re offering help with migration from Jigoshop 1.x/WooCommerce to Jigoshop eCommerce

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As you might have noticed – some of our users have experienced issues with the migration from Jigoshop 1.x and/or WooCommerce to Jigoshop eCommerce. These issues can be divided into the following categories:

1. Database record malformations
2. Insecure functionality implementations
3. Design changes after the update

In the case of the first category – since the data in the database is malformed/missing – there’s not much we can do – we can try to restore the missing data, but your best guess is to restore the site from the backup created prior to the migration and contact Jigoshop’s Support Team ([email protected]) – we’ll try to help you with the migration and it’s covered in the free support package.

The second case’s different – it’s mostly caused by the theme’s developer (sometimes a separate developer, that implemented a custom functionality) not using an additional condition to determine if a function/variable/class exists – in layman’s terms – the developer did not check for the existence of a module before calling it. This results mostly in blank pages (fatal errors).

The last can be divided into two subcategories: one’s fairly simple – the CSS stylesheet does not contain the appropriate selector and thus the styling does not apply to the element it should or the styling defaults to Jigoshop eCommerce’s default style. The second one’s a bit more complicated – if you used the Migration Information Tool from Jigoshop 1.x this might sound familiar – the customized templates used in Jigoshop 1.x or WooCommerce are not being used in Jigoshop eCommerce, which results in the pages looking differently.

The last two cases are not covered by the free support package, but we decided to provide our users with the option of purchasing a migration package. Obviously, some websites can be very simple where others are very sophisticated. If the workload required to properly migrate the site exceeds 16 human hours you will need to receive a quote for the work required. However, all the migrations which can be done within 16 hours will be covered under the set price of $200 + VAT (if applicable).

In the case of migrating WooCommerce to Jigoshop eCommerce – the migration tool is available for free here, at jigoshop.com, but in the case of your WooCommerce plugins/custom functionality – we’ll be charging $300 for standard migrations, and we’ll give you a quote if the workload exceeds 24 human hours.

If you have any questions, problems, ideas or suggestions give us a shout at [email protected], they are very valuable to us! All the improvements are mostly possible thanks to you – our users! Your input helps us develop our software to high standards and identify and fix many bugs.

One thought on “We’re offering help with migration from Jigoshop 1.x/WooCommerce to Jigoshop eCommerce”

  1. Hello ! Could you please help migrate data from old version of jigoshop to a new one on our website ? It has about 250 artworks there on display .
    We are WordPress clients for 8 years now and always paid all fees and followed all instructions
    Sorry that this happen to us . Thank you very much !

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