Use Jigoshop to Sell Handcrafted Items


Specialize in crafted, bespoke furniture? Then consider a Jigoshop eCommerce store…

Who doesn’t appreciate great craftsmanship? For some of us, it’s all-important to create a living and/or working space where we are surrounded by the utmost quality. You may be a diligent craftsperson yourself, dedicated to creating pieces for the home or workplace that your customers will adore.

Of course, craftspeople tend to be of the ‘old school’, and hence don’t always embrace the potential of online marketing or selling. However, fewer and fewer people involved in creating bespoke furniture or other items of this nature can continue to ignore the abundant commercial possibilities of the World Wide Web.

How an eCommerce site could make a difference

Whereas in the old days, craftspeople may have coped just fine flaunting their wares from their workshop or via a dedicated showroom, perhaps working with distributors to ensure the wider promotion of their products, today, many of those seeking handcrafted products don’t even feel the need to enter physical premises before making their buying decision.

Why should they? Sure, yours may be the kind of field where seeing and feeling an item ‘in the flesh’ might seem all-important, but this factor has diminished in worth with the sheer convenience that online shopping brings.

In any case, you can maximize your awareness even among local and established customers by setting up an eCommerce store that makes your company not only easy to find online for those performing relevant keyword searches but also easy to buy from when the final purchasing decision is made.

Make Jigoshop your choice of eCommerce platform

Whether you create items for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, workplace or almost anywhere else, a Jigoshop eCommerce store offers abundant possibilities.

Are you worried about how complicated, expensive and time-consuming it could be to set up an eCommerce store? Jigoshop is thankfully designed for those short of time and money and wishing to focus all of their efforts on their core business. It’s free to download and install, for example, while the WordPress-based platform also enables the quick and easy construction of your site.

Jigoshop really does come with everything that you need to immediately start selling items online. The resultant eCommerce store looks professional, allows you to accept PayPal and Skrill/Moneybookers payments and is easy to customize in accordance with your exact requirements, thanks to more than 30 themes, 100 extensions, and three popular theme frameworks.

The latter means that whatever you require from your online store – marketing extensions, shipping tools, payment gateways or more – they are all possible to add, quickly and simply. Security is top-notch, too, with your customer payment details being handled by your bank or credit card company rather than ourselves.

Choose Jigoshop when you are seeking the perfect eCommerce presence for your bespoke furniture or other crafted goods business.

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