Jigoshop comes packed with several useful widgets which you can add via the Appearance > Widgets panel in WordPress:

  • New Products
  • Featured Products
  • Product Categories
  • Tag Cloud
  • Cart
  • Layered Nav
  • Price Filter
  • Product Search

Cart widget when running Jigotheme


The Jigoshop cart widget shows the customer a list of products in their cart and provides links to view the full cart and to checkout the order.

We recommend displaying the cart widget sitewide so that the customer can view their cart at all times.

Product Search

The product search widget shows a search box which searches for products exclusively (the default WordPress search includes posts and pages).

The layered nav widget

Layered Nav

The layered nav widget can be added to your sidebar multiple times to show one of your product attributes (when viewing a product category) allowing the user to filter the results shown.

You can add several, one for each product attribute, and they will display automatically when needed. They all link together allowing the user to filter their results by multiple criteria.

The price widget in Jigotheme

Price Filter

The price filter widget allows the user to filter the results by price. It’s min and max price depends on the current view.

Price filter also works alongside the layered nav widgets giving Jigoshop and powerful filtering system.

Both the price and layered nav widget filters work for the currently viewed category; once the customer browses to another category the filters are reset.