Creating product attributes

Attributes let you define extra product data, such as size or colour, in a way which lets customers filter products by attribute. You can use these attributes in the shop sidebar using the “layered nav” widgets.

To set up attributes go to Admin > Products > Attributes. From there you can view existing attributes and add new ones.

Adding attributes

On the left of the attributes page you can add a new attribute:

Give it a name, e.g. Colour, and a type. Type can be text, select, or multi-select. Text attributes are entered as text, selects let you choose a single value in a dropdown, and multi-selects let you choose multiple values.

Once added you can click on its name (on the right hand side) to start adding values (this process is very simular to adding categories and tags via the WordPress interface). ‘Select’ and ‘multi-select’ attributes need to be populated before values can be applied to products.

Example of an attribute on the product page (select)

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