Configuring Jigoshop

You can configure various parts of the Jigoshop plugin from admin panel; this includes general settings, shipping, payment gateways, coupons and tax. Configuring Jigoshop is done via Admin > Jigoshop > Settings.

General settings

The most notable general settings are:

  1. Base Country/Region - You country of operations. This is also the default region for a customer’s location.
  2. Allowed Countries - The counties you are willing to ship to - if someone if from a disallowed country they will be unable to checkout.
  3. Enable guest checkout? - If enabled, a user can checkout without creating an account.
  4. Force SSL on checkout? - This is recommended, especially if taking credit card payments. If enabled, a user will be directed to https:// when checking out. An SSL certificate will need to be set up on your server.
  5. ShareThis Publisher ID - If you set up your ShareThis publisher ID then ‘share’ links will appear on product pages.


  • Products Base URL - by default this is set to shop. This appears in the url when viewing all products.
  • Terms page ID - If set, the user will have to agree to your terms and conditions before checking out - they will be linked to this page.
  • Currency - The currency your products are listed with.
  • Currency Position - Where the currency symbol is shown next to a price.


Coupons can be created to be passed out to customers to give them specific discounts. Coupons can be fixed or percentage amounts, and can be applied to a cart, or specific products.

If ‘product ids’ is set then the product with that ID will need to be in the cart in order to use the coupon.

‘Individual use only’ coupons must be used alone and cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.


  • Manage stock? - Whether or not you want to manage stock in your store.
  • Low stock notification - Whether or not to notify admin when stock is low.
  • Low stock threshold - When the low stock notification goes out.
  • Out-of-stock notification - Whether or not to notify admin when stock is out of stock.
  • Out of stock threshold - When the out of stock notification goes out.


The shipping panel lets you control whether or not shipping needs to be calculated, and shows shipping method specific options.

Jigoshop (free) comes with 2 basic shipping methods: flat rate, and free shipping.

Flat rate lets you charge a specific amount for shipping regardless of location, cart contents and weight.

Free shipping lets you charge no amount. You can set a threshold for this is you only want to allow free shipping when a customer spends a certain amount.

More shipping methods can be added to Jigoshop by dropping their files into the ‘shipping’ folder.


Jigoshop has a built in tax calculator which uses rates you define. The following options can be set:

  • Calculate Taxes - whether or not to actually calculate taxes.
  • Catalog prices include tax? - whether or not your prices include tax, or exclude tax. If prices include tax then the tax amount will be calculated backwards.
  • Cart totals display… - Whether the cart totals (sub total etc) are shown with tax included or excluded.
  • Additional Tax classes - Additional tax classes other than the standard rate. For example, you may want a reduced rate for books.

You can also set up tax rates for your location:

Enter the rate, location, and rate (to 4 decimal places). If the ‘apply to shipping’ box is checked then the rate will also be applied to the shipping costs.

Payment gateways

The payment gateways panel shows options for payment gateways, and lets you configure and enable/disable payment gateways.

New payment gateways can be installed by dropping them into the ‘gateways’ folder.

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