Product Accessories Premium

Make it easy for your customers to see what additional items they should purchase with any product. By default Jigoshop will display related items, but Jigoshop Product Accessories Premium lets you specify exactly what they should consider as part of their purchase.

It also allows you to display accessories by category. That’s great for showing all the products which make sense with a purchase – for instance, when buying a phone, you can specify categories such as cases, headphones and memory cards to appear as accessories which make sense for a customer to buy at the same time.

You can choose to display the product accessories under a tab next to the product description, or at the bottom of the page above or under the default related products list.

As a bonus, it also allows you to disable the standard (non-AJAX) product list field which can speed up the results, and mean that customers don’t have too many options to consider on a product page.

Single Website License

This license entitles you to use on a single domain.

Version 2.1.1
Author OptArt
Released October 29, 2013
Price $99.00

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