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For any business in the UK or European Union, new regulations were introduced at the end of May 2012 governing user privacy and the use of cookies in relation to visitor data. The good news is that by providing a clear privacy policy on your site, and by using this extension to alert new visitors and obtain their implied consent, you can rest assured your website is covered.


Why you need this extension:

The new rules apply to UK websites which receive visitors from anywhere in the EU, and came into force on May 26,2012, enforced by the Information Comissioner’s Office. Originally the rules were that all visitors should be able to opt out of receiving any cookies, but have since been amended to allow what is termed ‘implied consent’.

Cookies are the very small files sent to the computer of a visitor to your site to allow various services to function, including remembering a visitor between a purchase page and a checkout, analytics software, and to serve advertising, for example.The implied consent approach relies on you creating a very clear and explanatory privacy page which covers all the cookies being served by your website, with their file names and what they are used for. You can see an example under ‘Cookies used by Jigoshop.com’ in our own Privacy Policy.


What Jigoshop Cookie Bar Does:

 In addition to the privacy policy, the other aspect of the regulations is that new users need to be presented with a notice informing them of privacy information and cookie usages.

Which is exactly what the Jigoshop Cookie Bar does – the first time someone visits your site they’ll see a welcome message which allows them to ‘imply consent’ by continuing to use your site. The message won’t appear once consent is given (Unless they visit after deleting all their cookies), and you’ll comply with all current privacy and data regulations.


Single Website License

This license entitles you to use on a single domain.

Version 1.0
Author Jigoshop Team
Released July 19, 2012
Price $35.00
Required-jigoshop-version 1.2.3
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