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Once you have completed the download of an Authorize.Net product via Jigoshop, one of their representatives will contact you directly to offer assistance in setting up your account.

This customer service is offered by Authorize.Net to all Jigoshop customers.

The new Authorize.Net PRO extension for Jigoshop gives you even more options and functionality to integrate the very popular payment service with your online store.

Originally started in 1996, and claiming more than 350,000 merchants which makes them potentially the largest online payment gateway service, the Authorize.Net PRO extension includes a Server Integration Method (SIM) for payments alongside the existing Advanced Integration Method (AIM) and Direct Post Method (DPM).

What this means is that you can quickly and easily set up the Authorize.Net solution that works best for your business.

Authorize.Net PRO Options:

The three payment methods included in the Authorize.Net PRO extension are:

  • Advanced Integration Method (AIM). SSL is required and offers maximum security and full PCI compliance. Customers will stay on your shop’s server to enter their credit card information.
  • Server Integration Method (SIM). SSL is not required. Customers are transferred to the Authorize.Net secured SSL servers to enter their credit card information.
  • Direct Post Method (DPM). SSL is not required. DPM uses a unique transaction ‘fingerprint’ for security. Customers stay on your server, but credit card information is posted directly from the customer to the secured Authorize.Net SSL servers, bypassing the Shop server.

Please Note:

We still recommend an SSL Certificate to be able to display ‘https’ in the browser URL and promote customer confidence.

If you have the Jigoshop General Tab Setting for “Force SSL on Checkout” enabled, then the AIM method will always be used. Your server must have a valid SSL installation and certificate for this method and this offers you the means of keeping your customers on your site at the Checkout where they can securely enter their credit card information.

If you do not have SSL available on your server then either of the other 2 connection methods can be selected in the PRO Payment Gateway settings.

Authorize.Net PRO Supported Currencies:

Please note this gateway currently supports US Dollars, Canada Dollars and British Pounds Sterling as currencies for U.S, Canadian and British-based shops.


If you need CIM integration, please use the Jigoshop Authorize.Net CIM Payment Gateway.

Single Website License

This license entitles you to use on a single domain.

Version 1.1
Author DivergeInfinity
Released August 6, 2013
Price $65.00

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